Wellings of Stittsville Phase 2 Construction Update

Construction appears a very slow process to those of us not familiar with the process, particularly while the structure underground is being built. It’s good to see the building emerge above ground now.

Tens of thousands of pounds of concrete and rebar continue to make their way to the site.

At this point, the waterproofing of the Phase 2 exterior is estimated at approximately 30% complete. Excavation for footings, columns and exterior wall continue. Concrete continues to pour over the floating slab, as well as sleeving and boxes for mechanical and the ground floor columns are being completed. The 6-storey structure will start to take on a form we recognize in the coming few months.

BTW: Some of you have been asking what the yellow-ridged half-circle like structures are in the guest parking lot.  We went straight to the source to ask. “When these are assembled they will hold water and form part of the stormwater management plan for the development.” Dennis Laurin, President Laurin Group.

So now you know!

Pictures taken March 19th.

Wellings of Calgary: Construction Update

As we usher in the freshness of spring, the Wellings of Calgary construction site is blooming with activity and progress. We are excited to share with you the latest developments as our vibrant community takes shape.

In the past month, we’ve seen a hive of activity on-site with hundreds of skilled construction workers diligently crafting the vision of Wellings of Calgary into a reality. The expertise and hard work they bring to the project each day are the foundation of what will soon be your new home.

Project managers from NLG and Laurin, alongside our distinguished team of consultants, are maintaining a constant presence to ensure that every detail meets our meticulous standards. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the evolution of the site, and we extend our gratitude for their tireless efforts.

We are particularly thrilled to give you a glimpse of the progress pictures provided by site managers.

The Front Entrance is Taking Shape.

Main Kitchen is being installed and overseen
by VP Hospitality, Robert Mills.

The Bistro and Takeaway area is coming to life.

As Tower 1 glazing and exterior nears completion.

Tower 2 exterior is being closed in.

Next month we will feature the suite interior, as much progress is being made there now! There are still plenty of great views available, and we are able to set up a few tours of the building.

With warm regards,
The Wellings of Calgary Team

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Wellings of Whitby: Construction Update

Phase 1 is moving along well, and Tower 1 was capped off in June and Tower 2 is expected to be capped off this July. When this is completed, over 400 luxury seniors apartments with hospitality options, fitness gym, 24-hour concierge and catering will be available. Leasing Centre is located next to the site, appointments are available.

Visit WELLINGSOFWHITBY.COM to find out more.